Monday, May 28, 2007

How to cook French fries :

Step 1 : wash potato well and peal

Step 2: boil for 5-8 min on medium flame

Step 3 : then cut the potato into the classic french fries shape with a knife. you will see that cut french fries are sticky(starch), this is good. let it dry for 5 min.

Step 4 : fry the pieces in low flame for 3 min( you see blisters or a skin formation on the french fries.this will lock the flavour inside) but don't let it turn golden yellow we do this in step 5.

Step 4 :now remove the excess oil and leave it aside to cool for 10 min (in a fridge maybe till it cools)

Step 5: then heat the oil in medium flame, then add the cooled french fries, they will turn golden colour immediately, that's the clue that its done!

Step 6 : remove the french fries and dry it with a paper and Sprinkle salt.

My addiction to french fries started when I tasted my first french fries in Mac Donald's, and since then I started trying out how to make my own french fries, as a kid i though of first cutting potato into little finger shapes and frying them, wow if only if it was that simple.......... it sucked, it was roasted on the outside and raw in the inside, then I tried again, and again and again and failed!
A year ago I was watching kitchen magic show on discovery channel and they started talking of french fries, man I was hooked to the tube. It went like this......
1> heat french fries at low temperature (60*c)
2> let the outer layer form a gel coat to preserve the flavour, only to be released in side the mouth
3> how do you do that?? put these french fries in side a desiccator(a dehydrating machine)
4> then fry once more at higher temperature.
Viola! french fries.
yah! right! I don't have a desiccator or a thermometer to check the heat.
after some R & D i came out with this solution :

Method 2

This method is by krysalia, its much simpler.
Step 1 : cut fresh yellow potato into fingers, wipe them with a kitchen cloth to dry them a little.

Step 2 : put the fingers into boiling oil(160*c) for 5-10 minutes, this will cook them in the inside, but they will not be crunchy. "you're at 160° when a little cube of bread becomes crunchy but not orange in the oil for one minute ".

Step 3 : Now, remove fingers, and reboil them when the oil's temperature reaches 190*C. " you're at this temperature if another cube of bread becomes really fried and orange in the oil for one minute"

Sprinkle salt and eat. Faster!
Recipe by krysalia
for more detail view comment by krysalia.


ashwin said...

if you have anything to add please leave your comment, it will help me improve, I have poor grammar skills so sorry for the bad grammar.

krysalia said...

hi !

i'm living in the exact spot of france where french fries are wonderfull. ( valenciennes, in the north, near belgium, another famous country for fries ) . i understand why you love them so much, i do, too :) .

i must admit i never heard about this way to cook french fries, it seems really difficult and the fries are probably really greasy inside with this method of nearly cold oil ?

here in north of france we use " blanc de boeuf" , witch is " the white fat of beef " to fry. it's cultural, but it can be replaced with vegetable oil. it is actually in other regions :) .

the first thing is to cut the fresh potatoes ( the yellow kind, not the white ones used for mashed potatoes) into fingers, then rub the amount of fries with a kitchen cloth to dry them a little.

put them into boiling oil at 160°c , to cook them on the inside, for 5 to 10 minutes. they are cooked but not crunchy.
( you're at 160° when a little cube of bread becomes crunchy but not orange in the oil for one minute )

use the second position of the hook to hang the net basket full of fries above the oil, and wait till the oil reach 190° . ( you're at this temperature if another cube of bread becomes really fried and orange in the oil for one minute ) .

put them into the oil again for the second ride, drain them when they are nicely yellow/orange with that fantastic crisp texture.

serve immediately with some salt :) .

the flavour will go out if the fries are over cooked, it means that orange is the last state for good fries. if they becore just a little darker tant that, they will have no taste and the texture of a dry sponge :) .

do not cook a huge bunch of fries in the same time, the more fries you cook, the lower is the temperature of the oil when you put them inside. of at least try to have a good volume of oil for this bunch of fries.

so remember : 2 baths of oil, one at medium heat to cook, one at high heat to crisp. drain well, sans salt. here you are.

voila :) that's all what i tought about to help, right now :) .

ashwin said...

thank you krysalia, your comments have been very helpful, you have really taken your time to explain french fries in great detail, this only proves your love for french fries, thank you very much.