Sunday, November 4, 2007

How to cook Gobi manchurian

Gobi(cauliflower) manchurian is delicious and easy dish to make, It can be made in less then 20 minutes.

Ingredients :
  • Cornflower
  • fresh pepper
  • soya souse
  • gobi(cauliflower)
  • salt for taste
  • spring onion
  • green chile
  • garlic

First mix cornflower(just enough to cover the gobi), pepper and salt.


Coates the gobi in the above made mixture so that it is completely covered with it.
fry the gobi till it gets cooked(taste one).

3 this is the final step, here take a separate pan and add some oil, then once the oil is hot, add Chile, garlic, spring onions and fry. To this add pepper, salt and a little bit of soya souse, add a little tomato ketchup to make the mixture sticky and thick. thats it ! add the fried gobi and mix well.

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